Master of Psychology, University of Medan Area held a Fieltrip of HR development courses with the theme “Innovation and Cultural Studies of PT. Pelindo I Belawan” on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. This fieldtrip was attended by msi students especially the concentration of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and lecturers supporting these subjects.

In this event the master of psychology visited PT. Pelindo I Belawan welcomed by Ms. Dewi Suryani Ekawati – VP of HR & Organizational Strategic Planning and the Team. The Innovation and Culture Study Fieldtrip was opened by the Chair of the UMA Psychology Masters Program, Prof. Dr. Sri Milfayette, MS.Kons by providing motivation to all Fieldtrip participants “that in developing human resources we need to follow the development of technology as well, with technology we can build innovative Human Resources”, he said.

UMA’s Masters in Psychology also gave awards in the form of placards received by Ms. Dewi Suryani Ekawati – VP of HR & Organizational Strategic Planning.

Mrs. Dewi also presented a slide titled “Digitalization HR Management At Pelindo I”, in her slides Mrs. Dewi conveyed several key points of the management system used by Pelindo I in achieving Innovation and culture in the Industrial 4.0 era.


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