Implementation of Research Methods Workshop, Journal Publication, and Postgraduate Product Psychology Master’s Thesis Results University of Medan Area

Saturday, January 11, 2020. The Master Program in Psychology at the Medan Area University held a Workshop on Research Methods, Journal Publications and Thesis Results Products held on Saturday 11 January 2020 at Le Polonia Hotel Diponegoro Balroom. This activity was chaired by the Association of Psychology Masters Almuni namely Mr. Sariman, S.Pd, M.Psi and also involved other alumni sets. Not only Alumni Association but on this occasion the Chairperson of the Psychology Masters Study Program Prof. Dr, Sri Milfayetty, MS. The cons also involved the Student Association and representatives of each class to become a committee in the Workshop activities.

This Research Methodology Workshop, Journal Publication, and Thesis Result Product is a mandatory requirement for students to be able to take part in a thesis proposal seminar. Therefore, in this activity also invited lecturers who have played an active role in guiding the thesis of Masters in Psychology at Medan Area Area University. The activity that lasted for approximately 6 hours was also filled by Mr. Agung Suharyanto, S.SN, M.Sc as the speaker in the publication of a thesis journal which would later be carried out by students. Mr. Agung Suharyanto, S.SN, M.Si in addition to the Head of the UMA Scientific Journal (PJI), also played an active role in teaching and reviewing the journals that came in later in the process to obtain accreditation status for national and international journals.

Workshop on Research Methods, Journal Publications, and Thesis Results Products held by the Masters in Psychology at the University of Medan Area aims to strengthen students’ understanding of theory in preparing theses (Writing, Reference, Real Data) and also understanding in journal publications and Thesis Result Products that can later be useful for himself or many people. This activity will continue on 18 January 2020 and is intended for semester 1 students.

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