Technical Guidance on Self Evaluation for Accreditation Forms in Psychology Masters

Monday, December 9, 2019. The Masters in Psychology is led by the head of the study program, namely Prof. Dr. Sri Milfayetty, MS.Kons held a Bimtek Self Evaluation Activity for the Accreditation Form for Psychology Masters in the Meeting Room of the University of Medan Area Postgraduate Program.

The activity was also attended by the Director of the Postgraduate Program, Mrs. Prof. Dr. Ir. Retna Astuti K, MS, who was also included in the team to compile accreditation forms for psychology masters. In this activity discussed the progress of the accreditation form preparation and also the important points that need to be considered in filling LED data (Self Evaluation Appendix).

The Accreditation Forms Forming Team for Psychology Masters was formed not only involving lecturers and also the Psychology Masters functionaries, but also involving all other functionaries, namely lecturers and functionaries of Agribusiness Masters, Law Masters, Masters in Public Administration, and also involving the Head of the Quality Assurance Institute (LPM), father. Chalis Fajri Hasibuan, ST, M.Sc.

This activity runs smoothly and hopefully later the Master of Psychology, University of Medan Area gets a high score to produce “A” accreditation.

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